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Falk&Ross is a leading textiles distribitor in Europe. A wide variety of products from the most popular brands in the world. Thanks to our integration, your customers will gain real time access to all the products with live stock levels. The API fetches stock levels, prices, new products and all the product data you need. Your inventory will always be up to date.

Our application lets your customers create orders within your website. The orders are then auyomatically synchronized wiith Falk&Ross.


integracja api falk ross


Dalk&Ross integration with your website now from 455 EUR


We already have a few finished integrations:

dtg24.pl - DTG textile catalog

DTG24.pl is a place gathering textiles for DTG printing in one place. The company has a few yours experience in DTG printing on T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags and many other.

See online

dtg24 koszulki bluzy z nadrukiem DTG


ehaft.pl - Embroidery ready textiles catalog

Ehaft.pl integration was all about fetching the products that are suitable for embroidery. The company exists on Polish market for a few years now and does embroidery for big companies.

See online

tekstylia z haftem komputerowym ehaft.pl




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