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Do you dream of advertising that will attract paying consumers to your website? We create effective Google Ads campaigns targeted at a strictly defined target group . We go straight to your customers.

What are Google Ads campaigns (formerly Google AdWords)?

You see campaigns in the Google Ads advertising system every day. They are located just below the query box in the Google search engine, above the organic results. Contrary to appearances, this is not the only place where you can place an advertisement created in this system. You have a choice of different places on the Google Display Network.

Our marketing team will be happy to help you decide which type of campaign is right for you.

You pay only for the real effects of running an advertising campaign.

You don't have to worry that you will incur costs just for showing your ad in search results. We create PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns. This means that you only make the payment when a real internet user actually decides to click. This way, the person interested in your goods or services will be on your website.

Our offer also includes website creation and optimization . This allows us to provide you a complete service that will result in increase in turnover in your company.

You set the maximum budget for the selected form of Google Ads advertising.

The Google Ads campaign will only appear as long as the funds allocated to it are not used. You can also opt out of it at any time and change the course of action if the ad does not bring the intended results.

Thanks to this we avoid freezing your budget and use it to bring the best results.

Conversion optimization. You have full control over the campaign runtime.

Do you offer your services or sell products seasonally? You don't have to spend money on internet tourists who click sponsored links solely out of curiosity. Together, we will set the schedule for displaying your ad, adjusting it to the actual needs .

The campaign created by our agency will reach only your target group.

Before we start working on your advertising campaign, we'll talk to you about your business goals . To be effective, we need to know your ideal customer profile . We will also take the time to insight understand your competition and the industry you represent.

Then we will select the right people in the Google search network and we will optimize the campaign for them.

We create all types of Google Ads campaigns.

In addition to the traditional text ads described above, we can also create compelling video ads . Do you prefer static forms? Then you will like graphic or product advertising adapted to your visual identity. In addition to advertising in the search engine, we also create campaigns targeted at Gmail users .

Our secret weapon will be keywords that clearly increase the effectiveness of our activities.

We distinguish your offer from the competition's.

To be effective, advertising must have a clear message. Your audience wants to know what they can find with you. Unfortunately, every day they are accused of mass-produced commercials, which gave them a certain resistance to them. We will break them out of their trance and make them visit your website .

Best of all, Google Ads ads will get you results immediately.

By running Google Ads campaigns, we measure their effectiveness.

We cannot imagine solid marketing without providing regular reports on the effects of campaigns . Using Google Analytics and other tools of the Google system, we can measure the level of campaign effectiveness using readable coefficients. It is a starting point for us and an inspiration to make improvements.

In this way you can check what has been done and what the results are bringing the strategies we are developing for you.

Advertising on Google - the most popular search engine in the world.

By constructing your Google Ads campaign, we provide you with effective, targeted and fast promotion . Do you want to know more and learn about solutions tailored to your situation? Be sure to contact us.


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