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API integrations are designed to optimize your e-commerce management and help you save resources.

Our seamless integrations with many e-commerce management applications such as L-Shop, Falk&Ross, Macma, Asgard, Axpol, MOB, Smake or DecoNetwork allow you to draw all necessary information about product attributes, such as size, dimensions, or printing methods. 

Moreover, our integrations enable you to download product photos directly from suppliers, and automate the process of updating information on stock levels, eliminating the need for manual updates. Our API integrations are scalable and can adapt to changing business requirements, ensuring that your e-commerce platform stays up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

  1. L-Shop
  2. Falk&Ross
  3. Macma
  4. Asgard
  5. Axpol
  6. MOB
  7. Smake
  8. DecoNetwork

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