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Group buy & thresholds


In 2023, we designed and implemented a new product for Lynka – a leader in the promotional products fulfillment industry.


Lynka wanted to create a stores for its clients and a panel to manage them. The project was divided into 3 parts: a platform that allows admin to manage store and create the new ones, an order management application, where a store coordinator can manage stores and orders and a store front, where clients can order products.


May 2023 – Dec 2023


7 people


Fulfilment industry


+ 1 500

Tech stack


Stores customers


Time saved on creating one store



Services provided

Challenges & solutions

Group buy & thresholds

Group buy & thresholds

Group buy is a discounted purchase where a group can buy a product at a lower price, determined by the quantity sold within a specified time frame.
The admin can create a group buy by setting a time period and quantity-based price. On the product page, customers are notified that the price may change, potentially decreasing, with any difference refunded if others order the same product within the validity period.

Store designer

Companies cooperating with Lynka would like theiir stores to be as unique as possible

The unique store designer interface empowers users to manage website aspects, facilitating subpage addition, editing, and customization of elements. Usability tests confirm its intuitive design.

Store designer


Lynka’s customers would like to manage stores with thousands of products and customers assigned to them.

In the admin panel, we added a feature to upload CSV files containing customer and product lists. This streamlines and accelerates the process for the admin compared to manual data entry on the platform.

Budget stores

Lynka’s clients are allocated budgets, allowing admins to oversee the quantity and value of products ordered by each client.

We developed a company store where customers are assigned budgets with points for purchases. Users can use these points for shopping. Products have visibility tokens for grouping, which can be assigned to specific budgets, enabling administrators to manage the visibility of products for each customer.

Budget stores
Product visibility

Product visibility

Companies that have many employees/customers often want to offer different ccustomers different products from the database.

Visibility tokens – a tag assigned to each product that helps group products. The admin can assign tokens to budgets and customers, thanks to which admin can easily personalize the store for each customer.

Custom domains

Many companies would like to be able to customize every element of the store they create. One of these elements is the store domain.

We gave them the opportunity to assign custom domains to the stores they created.

Custom domains


”In terms od UX and UI, the platform is nicely designed, intuitive and cam be expanded with additional features, which is a big plus.”

Ewa Ciechańska
Product Owner at Lynka

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