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Designing the product


Yax and Visual Impressions teamed up together to create something of a unique value, with a potential to change the print-on-demand industry.


Visual Impressions has operated on a worldwide decorated garments market since 1990. Right now they print an impressive upwards of 6 million impressions annually, mostly in the U.S. With Single Serve Merch, the company aims to revolutionize the PoD market, creating an incredibly simple product creator within their store platform.


Jan 2020 – ongoing


5 people


Print on Demand / Fulfilment


+ 1 500

Tech stack


Orders placed

from 01/01/2023 until 9/30/2023


Sales growth

from 01/01/2023 until 9/30/2023


Revenue growth

from 01/01/2023 until 9/30/2023

Services provided

Challenges & solutions

Identifying market problems

Identifying market problems

On daily basis, company faces different challenges of the PoD and fulfillment market.

Their customers demand the ease of use of the platform to focus mainly on store and product creating and selling. In order give the customers the right tools, we had to analyze the market and some must-have features of the application.

Strategy and scalability

Market needs evolve, and the print-on-demand market is no exception.

To ensure the application meets stakeholders’ business needs and is scalable for future development, we integrated essential services like Smake, Stripe, PayPal, GoShippo, TaxJar, and USPS to streamline production, payments, taxes, and shipping management.

Strategy and scalability
Designing the product

Designing the product

One of the most important tools in this market is the product creator, where users choose from default “blank” products and add a design, specifying decoration method and print placement.

We knew that the product creator had to be both easy to use and rich in different customization options. For products base, we utilized product integrations like Sanmar, Alphabroder, and S&S Activewear.

Designing the store

Setting up a store is the proper beginning of user’s journey across the app.

Making sure that it looks good is the next step, so building and customizing the store had to be easy and fun. Coming up with a layout of the store designer that is easy to understand and navigate was our challenge.

Designing the store


“Our experience with Yax has been one with a very strong relationship. There is much transparency on a day to day basis and we depend on them to produce a spectacular product we can be proud of and continue to build over time.”

Todd Richheimer
Partner, Visual Impressions Inc.
Founder, Ink to the People, Single Serve Merch.

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