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Providing information on stock levels


In 2021, we start cooperating with AdVeno – a Polish advertising agency specializing in the sale of advertising gadgets.


Until 2023 we designed and implemented a sales platform for them. The website is characterized by an innovative product creator that allows the agency’s clients to configure products themselves. Moreover, all client-agency communication was transferred to the created platform.


Jan 2021 – Nov 2023


4 people


Textile / Marketing agency


+ 5 400

Tech stack


Number of orders


Time saved on creating one store


Time saved on preparing an offer

Services provided

Challenges & solutions



AdVeno wanted customers to create product visualizations independently.

We developed a wizard enabling customers to independently customize product graphics. Users can now add, resize, rotate, and align graphics with ease on the platform.

Preparing an offer manually

Each offer had to be prepared from scratch manually by the salesperson.

The salesperson can swiftly create customer offers and duplicate existing ones for efficiency. Previously, manual preparation of each offer in documents was time-consuming.

Preparing an offer manually
Providing information on stock levels

Providing information on stock levels

Some suppliers did not provide information on stock levels.

Currently, we display products along with their stock levels on the website. Thanks to this, the customer knows the maximum number of pieces he/she can order. This is especially important in AdVeno’s stores, where most orders are for larger quantities.

Integration with various suppliers

AdVeno required integration with various suppliers, each providing products in CSV files with different structures.

We developed a tool to ensure consistent website terminology by grouping identical colors, sizes, and categories with different names. This improvement extends to filters, preventing variations in attribute names.

Integration with various suppliers
Accelerating a process of preparing visualization

Accelerating a process of preparing visualization

Often customers order the same products with visualizations.

To streamline repetitive processes, users can now duplicate previous orders, allowing them to quickly replicate an order and make necessary edits to specific products.

Establishing different margins on products

A margin must be added to the prices of products supplied by suppliers.

We gave the client the opportunity to set margins. Store admin can set a margin on the product. If a customer order a specific number of products, the margin might be set different.

Establishing different margins on products
Various client-retailer
communication channels

Various client-retailer
communication channels

Customers were informed about the order status via e-mail. There was no one place to find all the information about the order.

We centralized communication into one platform for customers and salespeople to access order information. Client-prepared visualizations now undergo a review process with the graphic designer on the platform, streamlining communication and corrections.


”At Yax we value primarily the flexibility and the effort put into creating the platform. We appreciate the creativity and modern, especially in the terms of graphics and UX.”

Piotr Pekalski
Senior marketing specialist

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