Printlab is an application for online printhouse management. It's not important if you're printing business cards, t-shirt designs or billboard ads, Printlab will do everything for you.

Printlab contains everything you need: e-commerce platform, automated generation of files for printers and an application for order management.

Main features

  • e-commerce platform
  • interactive online editor
  • automated generation of files for printers
  • orders management




Mallmap is an interactive map of the shopping mall. There are many similar solutions available out there, but only Mallmap can be run online directly on your webpage.

see the demo

Main features

  • interactive map
  • designed for touch screens
  • ready for WWW installation
  • easy to use administration tool


Educado is a versatile e-learning platform which you can adjust to your needs. Starting with simple quizes, ending on complicated tasks designed individually. You can create complex lessons divided into distinct lessons.

Users may track their progress on cool charts and compete against each other.

Main features

  • many default task types: quizes, matching two sets, etc.
  • new task types design tool
  • easy to use administration tool
  • individual design


  • e-learning platform on Klub Menedżera


xyCMS is an easy to use content management system. Every webpage and application created by yax interative is managed by xyCMS.


Our startups

Beside design work for our clients, we also run a few successful startups of our own. Feel free to take a look.

What we do

We are a passionate group of creative people. Blending the design wizards along with technology masters we create outstanding modern applications which change the internet.

We've been working in the webdesign area for over 10 years. It's the experience and involvement we want to share with you.

Yax interactive. Best designs since 2005

UI/UX design

Anything you need. We can bring your imagination to the real world and provide you with a modern, beautiful, handmade design.

This is what we do

UI/UX design

redesign your application or website

Make your users happy and increase your conversion rates.

let us take care of your next project's design

Let us take care of all the user experience in your next big application or webpage.

Handcrafted apps

Sophisticated, yet intuituve.

Handcrafted apps

web apps

We can provide you your dream app in a really short time. Whatever your business needs, we'll sit together with you and design every user interaction in perfect detail.

mobile apps

Need a mobile app? No problem, let's just talk over the platforms on which it needs to run and we're ready to go.

Elegant websites

Design specialists will provide you a professional and original custom artwork, whatever it is your business needs.

Elegant websites

responsive design

All our websites are designed responsively, so you won't need to bother about mobile versions. Everything will fit just perfectly on every device.

seo friendly webpages

We have webpages of our own so we know all about the importance of SEO. Don't worry, your webpage will be fully optimized so it'll be able to work its way up the search results list really quick.



Our startup, an online app for restaurants, night clubs, hairdressers and many more. You can manage your reservations, receive payments for bookings and easily reach your clients. And of course, install an interactive booking widget on your website and social media. desktop version mobile version

Swisscom IT Services


In 2012 and 2013 along with our Swiss partner we made a website for Swisscom, the biggest Swiss telecommunication company.

Swisscom IT Services desktop version
Swisscom IT Services mobile version



Our own project. Design your own T-shirt, sweatshirt or an iPhone case. You can also set up your own shop and earn money selling designs.

IdeaShirt desktop version

Wrocław City Stadium


New website design and UI/UX work for the city stadium in Wrocław.

Wrocław City Stadium desktop version

exclusive visit


Website for a company offering concierge services.

exclusive visit desktop version
exclusive visit mobile version



Completely redesigned UI/UX for a dedicated financial application.

HCM desktop version



New fancy website for a company creating dedicated software.

Solsoft desktop version



Redesign of an application for the biggest Polish insurance operator.

PZ MOT desktop version
PZ MOT mobile version

Ad Box


Website for an advertising agency.

Ad Box desktop version


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